Cnc Code Maker

Cnc Code Maker 1.0

Drawings can be saved in DXF or a native XML, human readable format
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Do you think the normal CAD/CAM systems like MasterCam, SmartCam, GibbsCam etc. are too complicated? Or maybe do you just need something simpler? CAD/CAM too expensive? Simple CNC Code Maker might be the right choice for you!
CNC Code Maker is a tool that let's you easily draw using the CAD part of the program and produce ISO G-codes, Heidenhain codes more in a simple way.
It will work both for milling, turning (lathes), laser, water-jets and other CNC-machines.

What's the cost of CNC Code Maker? - It's FREE!

So what's the catch? - Really none, all we want from you is to come back to the website once a month to get a new battery-code. That's all.

Main Features:

- User-adaptable postprocessors
- Supplied ISO and heidenhain postprocessors
- DXF-file import/export
- Adjustable NC code output. Depth/start/stop etc

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